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First Month as a Real Estate Agent - Join Team Laffey

Long Island, NY Real Estate coaching and training is changing how people think about a second career. No matter your skills or background, you can excel in real estate from the start if you have experienced mentors on your side. People just like you are taking the step every day.

From teachers and firefighters to police officers, healthcare workers, and landscapers, workers who make up the heart of New York City are looking to real estate for their second act. Once they're fully licensed, the real fun begins. But what should you do to get off on the right foot?

It might seem like there are a thousand things to do. Here are the 10 things you should tackle first.

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Overcoming Obstacles - Become a Real Estate Agent - Join Team Laffey

Long Island, NY Real Estate coaching and training is helping people like you launch a new career in real estate without losing the security of their current job. Firefighters, police officers, teachers, landscapers, healthcare workers, and more are getting involved.

People are drawn to real estate for all kinds of reasons. It's an exciting industry where you have a direct role in helping people achieve some of their most important goals. You can set your own schedule, be your own boss, and achieve any income you set your mind to.

When you're getting started, it might seem you have a long road ahead of you before you can close your first sale. The right coaching and training clears the path and speeds up your journey. That said, it's wise to prepare for any setbacks.

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Lead-Building Strategy - Join Team Laffey

With a new year comes new opportunities, including the chance to develop and refresh your lead generation efforts. Generating leads is so critical to sustained success as a real estate agent, and there are so many different ways to accomplish your lead-building goals. Get started with our guide to developing your real estate lead-building strategy for 2022.

  • Start with a Great Real Estate Website
    Real estate websites aren't just for brokerages. Every agent should have a great real estate website to serve as the hub of all your online marketing efforts. So if you don't have a website or your existing one could use a refresh, that's a perfect place to start your lead-building efforts. Your website is where people can scout homes, learn more about your communities, and discover why you're the right choice for their real estate needs.

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Holiday Work-Life Balance - Join Team Laffey

Traditionally, things slow down a bit in the real estate industry around the holidays, but the busy market of 2022 means that things will be busier than usual during the holiday season this year. When a brisk holiday housing market meets all of the usual obligations with family, friends, and community during the holidays, work-life balance becomes more important than ever. Finding the right balance starts with having a plan, and we've got some tips to help you balance your busy schedule this holiday season.

  • Set a Schedule for Each Day
    Managing your time during a busy holiday season begins with strong planning, which means that it's more important than ever to have a schedule set for each day. Whether you do your planning the night before or at the start of your day, take the opportunity to block out time for your most important tasks each day. Unexpected opportunities or tasks are always a possibility, but setting your schedule makes it so much easier to manage your time during a busy holiday season.

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Selling a Condo - New Agents - Join Team Laffey

Long Island, NY Real Estate coaching and training with Team Laffey is a big part of how many people are building the business they want. Our students are healthcare workers, police, firefighters, teachers, and others excited to see what real estate can offer without quitting their current job.

If you work in New York City but live on Long Island, one thing is for sure: You'll probably run into some condominiums in your real estate journey. Our area has one of the highest concentrations of condos in the United States, and they're in demand.

The big issue is simple: Selling a condo is very different from selling a house.

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Types of Real Estate Agents - Join Team Laffey

Long Island, NY Real Estate coaching and training is transforming career opportunities for people across Long Island and New York. Working professionals like firefighters, police officers, landscapers, and healthcare workers are learning they have the opportunity to make more money in fewer hours.

Getting started in real estate might seem intimidating at first. Having the right mentors on your side is a huge advantage. It will accelerate your time to get started in the business and make your first sale. Once you've seen your first success, you won't want to give up on what real estate has to offer you.

One big piece to getting acclimated with real estate is understanding the terminology.

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Professionalism - New Agents - Join Team Laffey

As a new real estate agent, your relationships with other, more experienced agents can be a huge help as you learn the ropes of your new career. With the benefit of experience and perspective, other agents can help you in so many different ways. But just as when connecting with clients, it's important to be professional and abide by the rules of etiquette during your interactions with other agents. Here are some tips to help you get started as you connect with other agents and build your real estate career.

In this case, the title says it all — professionalism is key. But how do you be professional, and what exactly does that mean in a real estate context? The National Association of REALTORS® has a code of ethics, and there are also plenty of common sense tips to consider.

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Working with Younger Buyers - Join Team Laffey

Millennials and Gen Z make up a larger portion of real estate clients every year, with many of them looking to purchase a home for the first time in their lives. That makes young buyers one of the most important demographics in real estate – a trend that is unlikely to change any time soon. Are you doing everything you can to build strong relationships with young buyers? Get some inspiration with these five tips for building a better rapport with young buyers.

  1. Make It Easy for Them to Conduct Research Online
    Young buyers are more comfortable than any other generation with conducting online research, so it's important to make it as easy as possible for them to learn things online. When they're house hunting, this may mean access to virtual tours, virtual open houses, and of course, detailed listings. But they'll also want to be able to learn about what you offer as an agent, what they'll like about specific neighborhoods, and general buying real estate advice that can help them make informed decisions.

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